Allstop Fire Systems

Dedicated to protecting you, your projects and your property from the threat of fire.

Without proper precautions, fire can claim lives, destroy property, and leave chaos and devastation in its wake.

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Builder or Facilities Managers you’re required to keep the threat of fire minimal by Government Regulations and Duty of Care.

Our experience with Fire Prevention Systems means we can reduce the threat of fire costing you money – or worse – and protect you from potential death, damage and litigation.

Based in Sydney, Allstop Fire Systems provides Fire Safety Systems Services for Body-Corporate, Commercial and Industrial clients across the Sydney Metro area.

As Fire Prevention Consultants and Technicians, we can tailor a Fire Protection System to your needs using combinations of the following services:

  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Hydrants/Hose Reels
  • Drencher Systems
  • Fire System Maintenance and Testing
  • Smoke Detection Systems
  • Installations
  • Fire electrical
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Emergency and Exit Lights

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